Next architectural projects and construction

Next architectural projects and construction

The next architectural projects and construction for our new clients is underway. Of particular interest are the design changes to the street-level organic skincare products store located behind the restaurant; the tables are now located in the lobby, giving both a better position for eating while staying connected to the street, as well as the ability to position friends and family more easily. Another extension of the existing wall space has been added to the rear entrance, with a set of lounge. The remaining corners are terraced by green walls, making it a less isolating environment for visitors.

Additionally, the new glass walls and closed-off top tiers welcome visitors with a clean and sense of space and guarantee easy entry, freeing people from having to enter through elaborate gates, or feeling overwhelmed in a gallery of art. This re-imagining of the building is an attractive and great option for both current and prospective clients.

We will always listen to our clients and work as hard as possible to figure out a good solution for them. A wonderful business location in two states with rooms for 4 to work will be feasible.  But how about this, seeing how much it takes to build such a house?! We will simply re-design and convert the existing house and do our best to continue with the community life style. The challenge is that the existing community do not allow such creative thoughts. Or they dismiss them out of hand, as we are all well aware of.

And then on to the next one, Franklin Park

In addition to its architecture, we’re adding more units and space for both workspace and additional glazing areas to assist the workers of the newly renovated Franklin Park Glass building in Franklin Park Illinois. And throughout the design and construction of the interior, we hope to provide a healthy working space for our new clients.

They also plan to use the new addition to include a long custom manufactured stock area for the glazing units as an “addition” during the summer months, providing better accessibility to customers according to the glazing companies press release.


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