Thermolaminate is a cost-effective design compound

Thermolaminate is a cost-effective design compound

RENOLIT thermolaminates allow you to realize cost-effectively your architecture design ideas in high quality. The handling is very easy. You only need industry-standard equipment such as an MDF plate, a CNC milling machine, a thermoforming press, a cross-linking adhesive system and RENOLIT thermolaminates.

The work begins with the implementation of the idea with the aid of a common graphic processing program. For this, a work piece is now required, usually made of a wood material such as MDF. First, it is placed in the thermoforming machine and the thermoplastic 3D film is placed over it. The foils are provided with an adhesion promoter on the back, so that a secure bonding can be guaranteed by means of a cross-linking adhesive system.

The films completely surround the carrier material in only one operation. This one working step is sufficient to reproduce the finest structures as desired. During the thermoforming process, the thermolaminate is first drawn to a heating plate by an artificial vacuum and heated. After the film has become deformable, it is pressed against the carrier material by the combination of heat, vacuum and air pressure, thus ensuring an optimal reproduction of the surface.

The quality of the RENOLIT thermolaminates is demonstrated not only in the problem-free implementation of the work steps and the high-quality results after processing, but also in architectural properties such as good mechanical resistance, light resistance, stain insensitivity and cleanability. The films are therefore ideally suited for use in house construction, interior architecture as well as the kitchen and furniture industry.

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