Home design and renovations

Home design and renovations

When it comes to the design or renovation of our house, it is simply fun to dream big, right? But then reality usually catches up quickly, and we have to admit that the financial framework for such large projects is not always available or viable. We could say: That does not matter. Because the right news is that we can also produce substantial effects with small adjustments. But it is even better: we have put together some ideas that can be implemented in a weekend. You may be curious!

Our images, which bobble on the PC or the camera, deserve better, we think. We should look at them, print the most beautiful motifs and create a small photo gallery in beautiful frames. Where in the house is, no matter. Only she should hang so that she also has a chance to be seen in peace. By the way: If we put the pictures on a seemingly floating shelf, we have no holes in the wall and can exchange the views quite clearly if we are afterward.

We get an immediate effect in the living room when we re-position our furniture. However, we should always keep the seasons in the final head. In winter, for example, our seating group of couches and chairs should be near a fireplace. And in the summer, we are more likely to orient our furniture towards the terrace and the garden to create a flowing connection between interior and exterior spaces.

You do not always have to invest directly in new furniture when the living room needs a new look. This is also easier: some cute accessories like these pillows in our picture can give our rooms a new look. And when a matching carpet joins, the transformation is almost completed.

Such shelves, as in the next example, are more than they would be for storing books. In any case, you want to do something. So we could make such a cabinet wall on a Sunday afternoon to sort them again. Let’s try to sort the books by color. We will be amazed where this leads. And by the way, we are clearing out a few books, which a local library gladly accepts for secondary exploitation.

Our schedule does not allow us to design a whole room? We create a single wall page in any case in one day – even in a colored tone. This is not only the room repainted, but as have also done something for the design. Such bright sounds as in our picture certainly generate attention at the viewer.

Our wood furniture is still completely in order, but the natural clay wood bores us? Then we should give the furniture pieces a new paint in our favorite color. In our picture, we see how freshly painted blue looks very fresh.

Because you can change some of the wall decorations, we have brought a second wall idea. On this wall surface, filigree patterns were conjured onto the wall with the help of stencils. The green is then leaned against the seat group and resumes its color. A bold design, but that sets the wall in the scene.

The wall design is also in our next example. However, a fluid level is not so easy to replace. But fortunately, there are other and less elaborate possibilities, for example, self-adhesive tiles, which can easily be applied to the old stock. Alternative: The tiles can also be painted with a corresponding wall paint. It is best to ask a specialist for the appropriate color.

Yes, we know that decluttering is not a real simple subject. Because it is an effort to make a little bit in the house and to decide: You may remain – or not. In fact, the clearing-out has a tremendous effect on the atmosphere of a room, which seems suddenly quieter and re-sorted.

As a result, home-made impressions leave a lasting impression on visitors. So we should try to make the area around the door beautiful. And that goes quite easily with a few beautiful plants, an attractive mailbox, and a number plate.

Which project would you like to tackle?

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