Fishing tackle warehouse renovation

Fishing tackle warehouse renovation

The increasing land run-off and the resulting vacancy are also a growing problem on the Japanese peninsula Miura. Villages like Miyagawa-cho suffer from declining tax revenues by the declining population. We are looking for new ideas, to prevent vacancies and to make the environment more attractive.

A Japanese architecture firm ROOVICE has accepted this project. But instead of preventing people from migrating to cities, Motomi Kuroda and his team are trying to attract tourists to Miyagawa-cho with the project “Miyagawa Bagel”. “Miyagawa Bagel” is to contribute to the 1,300 souls’ place, which is 1.5 hours away from Tokyo, to the city’s tourist destination, with the idea that the city’s flow towards the city is ultimately unstoppable.

For the project, a resettling fishing tackle warehouse was renovated and redesigned to the Bagel shop. The house retained its original form; Only the outer walls were replaced by transparent plastic well plates. Through this transparency, the green environment is brought into the shop for the visitor and the offer is directly visible to the outside.

Especially the nostalgic flair should be attractive and modern at the same time. For this, the materials of the interior were chosen to correspond to the original of the fisherman’s house. For example, Lauan, a reddish-brown wood based exclusively on the Philippine islands, was used and sold with white tiles – a material which has often been used in the interior in the past.

At this bar the guests have been offered bagels from locally grown wheat with regional cheese and vegetables for almost a year. The region and its inhabitants are also involved in the project and the local community is encouraged – an inspiring example of the use of new and innovative ideas to revitalize the regional economy.

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